Videography Tips 1- Shooting for the Editor

As Videographers we shoot many and varied stories. It is important that the way we shoot is relevant to who our audience is and what the message is that we are trying to convey to them. Are we taking the shots that will get our message across or are we just taking shots to show […]

So You Want to be a Paid Videographer

If you want to make money with your camera you need to know this. High quality Video Cameras and DSLR’s cost a lot of money so at some point the thought of making money with your camera is very appealing. As you learn more and get better at shooting the chances of starting to get […]

Affordable In-house Video Production

Basics of Video Production. Many requests for a course about how to do affordable in-house Video Production is what led to the Online Video Camera Course being developed. I decided I wanted to help people to achieve success in this area because it is so simple for me but can be so difficult for people […]

Shoot Video with a DSLR

How to Shoot Video with a DSLR A DSLR is not a video camera. I hope I got your attention because this subject is huge. Apart from the total difference in shape, feel, size, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, there is another big difference. “What you need to be thinking”. An area of concern for many […]

Wow, check out these camera angles.

Great Camera Shots and Great Camera Angles. If you have read any of my blogs you will know that what I try to help you to understand, is that beautifully shot stories are about learning your camera skills and using your mind. Today I saw a wonderful example of that, and I want to share […]

How to Shoot Great Looking Video

How to shoot great looking video! The very first thing you need to do, is to not worry about what camera you are using. People are too fixated about equipment. Once you develop the skills you need you can shoot good looking video on any camera. I have seen great work done on an iphone. […]